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David's Story

"I got diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer ... "

Laura's Story

"It's been amazing, what God has done ... "

Bryan's Story

"God is the only one that can make a difference ... "

Joe's Story

"This is the best gift I've ever received ... "

Jade's Story

"When I lost my job, it really shook me to my core ... "

Fran's Story

"I'm just a housewife ... what can I do? ..."

Mary's Story: Part 1 of 4

"It was the worst. It was so, so painful."

Mary's Story: Part 2 of 4

"I knew right then that God was with me ..."

Mary's Story: Part 3 of 4

"God said, 'I know, but I need you to do what you do.' ..."

Mary's Story: Part 4 of 4

"It was the most intimate, wonderful, indescribable time ..."