Celebrate Recovery

    Feb 1, 2020 |

    What is Celebrate Recovery all about?

    We all have our personal hurts, habits, and hang-ups. And sometimes they reach a point where they interfere with the life God has designed for us. That’s where Celebrate Recovery comes in.

    Churches across the country have used this Christ-centered recovery program to help thousands of people achieve freedom from those hurts, habits, and hang-ups. We will work through 12 steps and eight principles with others who can relate to our experiences.

    Each gathering will include large-group time, and small-group discussion. You don’t have to sign up; the Valley CR Leadership Team is ready for you to just come and take real steps toward recovery.


    What happens at Celebrate Recovery?

    On Thursdays at 7 p.m., we meet at Valley Community Baptist Church  and begin with a large group meeting time of worship and testimony or lesson. Then we break into smaller groups for sharing and discussion. 

    While this is a 12-step program, and we encourage folks to come every week, there's no sign-up, commitment, or cost. You can come as frequently as you'd like.

    Valley Community Baptist Church is located at 590 W. Avon Road in Avon, CT. Look for the signs outside the building, which will direct you to the Celebrate Recovery entrance area.

    Who is leading this?

    Under the oversight of Valley's Congregational Care Ministry, a group of trained Valley attenders lead this major church initiative. Planning began early in 2017, and the leaders have all been through the Celebrate Recovery program themselves. They are genuine and totally committed to help you achieve freedom from your hurt, habit, or hang-up.


    Do I have a hurt, habit, or hang-up?


    A "hurt" is any life experience that may have damaged your heart. It could be an offense against you that crippled your ability to deal with the world in a healthy way. Or something that may have twisted your view of yourself, God, or others.

    Examples: abandonment, abortion, abuse, adoption, betrayal, divorce, dysfunctional family, neglect, rape, rejection, death of a loved one.



    A "habit" is an unhealthy pattern that often starts as a perceived remedy for some problem in your life, but turns into a chronic bad behavior or addiction. Habits are the repeat, default scripts you run to when the going gets tough.

    Examples: abusive behavior, substance abuse, bitterness, cheating on a spouse, sex outside of marriage, affairs, critical spirit, eating disorders, gambling, gossip, sexual perversions or addictions, pornography, social avoidance, pathological lying, self-mutilation, spending problems, stealing, unforgiveness, workaholism.



    A "hang-up" is a roadblock that keeps you from progressing further in God's plan for your life. It is often shaped by some bent thinking you may have received as a child, or some unhealthy attitude you may have adopted as a means of coping with life's challenges. 

    Examples: anger, anxiety, worry, fear, arrogance, self-image problems, bullying, bigotry, racism, control issues, depression, greed, envy, false guilt, shame, lack of trust in God, laziness, lust, materialism, perfectionism, pride, procrastination, racism, self-righteousness.

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