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January 14, 2022 12:00am

What Is BLESS?

Our church's vision is to impact our world for Christ, and one of the four ways we do that is to Share Jesus. (The others are: Worship God, Serve Others, Join a Group). BLESS is a set of five simple practices each one of us can adopt that will help us impact the lost for Christ. We will discover how these simple practices are grounded in God’s nature, that these are things Jesus has done for us, and that these simple practices are not only approachable but effective. Let’s get ready to take a BLESS journey together!

The Sermon Series

Jan. 8/9: "B" -- Begin With Prayer (watch the sermon)
Jan. 15/16: "L" -- Listen With Care (watch the sermon)
Jan. 22/23: "E" -- Eat Together
Jan. 29/30: "S" -- Serve With Love
Feb. 5/6: "S" -- Share Your Story

Resources, Tips, Advice

We're building a helpful list of resources that correspond to each letter of the BLESS lifestyle. As the series rolls out, and beyond, we'll keep adding videos, suggestions, books, and other links to help you as you BLESS others.

Click here to go to the "Share Jesus" page for BLESS resources.

BLESS Covenant Commitment

If you feel like God is encouraging you to BLESS at least one person who doesn't yet follow Jesus, will you make a Covenant commitment? Let us know by clicking below!

Make a BLESS covenant commitment

Special 5-Week BLESS Groups


Sundays: Deborah Humphrey leads a BLESS group for men and women at 10:45 a.m. in Room 205.

Tuesdays: Todd Fitzsimons leads a BLESS Group for men only at 6 a.m. in Fellowship Hall.

Thursdays: Linda Johnson leads a BLESS group for men and women at 6:30 p.m. in Room 202.

Fridays:  Jenn Earnest leads a BLESS group for women only at noon in the Library.

The BLESS Book

One of our primary resources for BLESS is a book called "BLESS: 5 Everyday Ways to Love Your Neighbor and Change the World" by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson. We have limited copies of the book for sale at a deep discount, available in the Welcome Area after every worship service while supplies last. You can also purchase the book online at several places and in different formats. We encourage everyone at Valley to engage with this valuable BLESS resource!

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