Share Jesus

Why Share Jesus?

Our church's vision is to impact our world for Christ, and one of the four ways we do that is to Share Jesus. (The others are: Worship God, Serve Others, Join a Group).

Sharing Jesus is a core aspect of the Christian faith, repeatedly demonstrated in the New Testament, including the commandment by Jesus to go make disciples of all nations. Our culture sometimes says: "Your faith is a private matter." But the Bible says there's not only a responsibility but a joy in Sharing Jesus with others!

That doesn't mean it's always easy. This page provides plenty of resources, tips, and advice on how to Share Jesus. The primary resources are at the top of the page in the form of BLESS -- a fivefold rhythm of life for evangelism. We've also included information about the "Creation to Conclusion" drawing and, of course, Valley's World Outreach ministry. 

Share Jesus Through BLESS

BLESS is a set of five simple practices each one of us can adopt that will help us impact our neighbors for Christ.  Let’s get ready to take a BLESS journey together!

The Sermon Series

Jan. 8/9: "B" -- Begin With Prayer (click here for sermon)
Jan. 15/16: "L" -- Listen With Care (click here for sermon)
Jan. 22/23: "E" -- Eat Together
Jan. 29/30: "S" -- Serve With Love
Feb. 5/6: "S" -- Share Your Story

BLESS Covenant Commitment

If you feel like God is encouraging you to BLESS at least one person who doesn't yet follow Jesus, will you make a Covenant commitment? Let us know by clicking below!

Make a BLESS covenant commitment

BLESS Groups Now Meeting


Sundays: Deborah Humphrey leads a BLESS group for men and women at 10:45 a.m. in Room 205.

Tuesdays: Todd Fitzsimons leads a BLESS Group for men only at 6 a.m. in Fellowship Hall.

Thursdays: Linda Johnson leads a BLESS group for men and women at 6:30 p.m. in Room 202.

Fridays:  Jenn Earnest leads a BLESS group for women only at noon in the Library.

BLESS Resources: Tips, Advice, Tools

B:  Begin with Prayer

Most of the prayers by Jesus recorded in Scripture were prayers for people.Before He chose his disciples, He prayed for them (Luke 6:12). Before He sent them out in ministry, He prayed for them (Matthew 9:37). How much do you pray for your friends who don’t yet follow Jesus?

Easy Ways to Begin with Prayer

» Set a reminder on your phone to pray for the person you’re committing to BLESS this year.
» Walk in your neighborhood and pray for your neighbors.
» Become a prayer partner with someone else and keep each other praying.
» Pray for your BLESS commitment friend with your spouse or small group.
» Ask God to make clear an opportunity to BLESS someone in your neighborhood.

Books to Help You Pray

"How to Pray: Reflections and Essays" by C.S. Lewis. This short collection pulls together excerpts from C.S. Lewis’ writings on prayer. Click here for Amazon link.

Videos to Help You Pray

"Rediscovering the Art of Neighboring" by Jay Pathak. Discover how loving your neighbor begins with prayer (11 minutes). Click to access on RightNow Media. (Don't have free RightNow Media access? Click here first.)

"Praying for Unsaved Loved Ones" by Lee Strobel. Encouragement for persistent prayer for family and friends who don’t yet know Jesus (33 minutes). Click here to access on YouTube.

 "Your Kingdom Come"  by Pete Grieg. Part of "The Prayer Course," discover how God uses our prayer to make a difference in the lives of others (22 minutes). Click to access on RightNow Media. (Don't have free RightNow Media access? Click here first.)

L:  Listen with Care

Jesus is known for his talking and teaching, but He also did a lot of listening. In fact, much of His teaching was in response to questions. Sometimes we think that being a witness means talking, but most of the time we need to listen before we speak. 

A practical way to BLESS someone is to avoid the “casual conversation” by asking questions and truly listening to their answers. Then we can share how the Gospel is good news for their situation. 

Questions to Prompt "Listen" Opportunities

» Tell me your story.
» What’s your favorite ... (sports team, restaurant, etc.)
» What do you like to do with your free time?
» Who are the important people in your life?
» What do you think about …
» Why do you feel that way?
» What do you think about spiritual things?
» How can I pray for you? 

Videos to Help You Listen with Care

"Active Listening" by Bill Search. Four essentials for active listening (2 minutes). Click here to access on RightNow Media. (Don't have free RightNow Media access? Click here first.)

"What Are the Best Questions for Spiritual Conversation?" by Sean McDowell. Sean gives us some great ideas to start genuine conversations  (3 minutes). Click here to access on YouTube.

"The Art of Spiritual Conversations" by Reflections from multiple people about how to be genuine and caring in having conversations about faith (2 minutes). Click here to access on YouTube.

Books to Help You Listen with Care

"Gospel Fluency" by Jeff Vanderstelt. Understanding people’s real needs and communicating “good news” to them.  Click here for Amazon link.

"Please Listen to Me! A Christian’s Guide to Reflective Listening" by Dick Fetzer. If you want to learn how to become a compassionate and helpful listener, this book teaches you the practical skills you need. Click here for Amazon link.

"Walking with God: How to Hear His Voice" by John Eldredge. Listening to God and learning to hear his voice. Click here for Amazon link.

Article to Help You Listen with Care

"Why Listening Is a Key Practice for Evangelism" by Gino Curcuruto. This brief article describes why it is so important to listen first before trying to explain the Gospel to others. Click here to read.

E:  Eat Together

If we eat three times a day, we have 21 meals each week. When we invite someone to share one of those mealtimes with us, we are opening a door to relationship and friendship. 

Jesus ate with people so often, he was even accused of being a glutton! Jesus practiced and taught holy hospitality. He demonstrated the fellowship that can occur over a meal together. He was taking care of people’s physical and spiritual needs simultaneously. “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” (Matthew 25:35)

Ideas For Eating Together

» Invite someone out for coffee
» Invite others to a meal at home or at a restaurant
» Bring some snacks while engaging in a common-interest activity (hobby, bowling, game night, etc.)
» Host a BBQ and/or firepit time (add some yard games)
» Order takeout and have a picnic
» Make a meal for someone who is shut in, then eat with them

Two Things to Remember

  • Whatever the activity, make sure you can share conversation and break bread together.
  • The meal does not need to be homemade; what matters is that you are sharing a meal.

Videos to Help You Eat Together

"The Gift of Hospitality" by RightNow Media. One teacher's example of hospitality. (3 minutes). Click here to access on RightNow Media. (Don't have free RightNow Media access? Click here first.)

"Practice Gospel Hospitality" by Rosaria Butterfield. Three Christian leaders have a roundtable discussion on hospitality  (16 minutes). Click here to access on RightNow Media. (Don't have free RightNow Media access? Click here first.)

Books to Help You Eat Together

"The Simplest Way to Change the World: Biblical Hospitality as a Way of Life" by Dustin Willis and  Brandon Clements. How to balance daily responsibilities and your desire to BLESS others .  Click here for link.

"Just Open the Door: How One Invitation Can Change a Generation" by Jen Schmidt. Personal stories and practical insights on opening up your home to others. Click here for link.


Share Jesus Through a Drawing

"Creation to Conclusion" is a way to share Jesus through a five-step drawing that's easy to learn ... and easy to draw for someone else! It tells the entire arc of the Bible -- God's big story -- in just minutes. Below, Senior Pastor Rob O'Neal shares what each part of the drawing represents.

Share Jesus Through World Outreach

Participating in Valley's World Outreach ministry is a great way to share Jesus throughout the world. Whether you're praying for a missionary partner, giving to support our world and regional outreach partners, or taking a trip yourself, the goal is the same: help fulfill the Great Commission as Jesus commanded!  To learn more about World Outreach and how you can pray/give/go, simply go to our World Outreach page linked below.

go to the world outreach page