Impact Track

Category: HS Mission Trips


Date: July 9-17

Location: Sutton, West Virginia

Cost: $300.

Who is eligible?

Current sophomores and juniors who want to make an impact! This means learning to lead, and returning home with an excitement and passion to make a difference in and through the Valley High School Ministry.

What is this trip about?

Impact Track is all about servant leadership! We select, equip, and release a team of upperclassmen to make a difference in the High School Ministry, starting with a trip to Sutton, West Virginia. Jesus set the example that those who want to be first must be last, and to be on track and make a lasting impact for God's Kingdom, we must serve. Students will learn about cultivating their own personal intimacy with God, and how to lead others toward that same end. Remember, your life is not about you but something so much more! Impact Track will give you that vision and release you on that track!

How do we accomplish Impact Track?

Impact Track is separated into two parts. The first part of the trip is about equipping and training. We bring the students to environments with lots of people where they can learn how to be bold in their interactions and take practical steps to apply what they have been taught. This might include praying for someone they just met, or asking questions that are focused around spiritual truths. During this time, we also train the students to study the Bible and lead their peers in how to study it as well. The second part of the trip is about leading. Students will join the Impact Week students, who are incoming freshmen, and put what they have learned into action. They will lead on service projects, evangelistic environments, Bible studies, prayer times, and training opportunities. Each day, we will debrief, talking about where we have seen God work and how to continually stay on track with Jesus.

I want to go; what do I do?

Apply for the trip here. Once you complete your application, you'll be scheduled for an interview with a trip leader. After the interview is complete, you will be notified if you have been accepted onto the Impact Track team. If accepted, you'll pay the deposit. The remaining cost will be due June 9.

Note: On the application, take note of the required trip training. You are expected to be at each training session, so put them on your schedule NOW and please prioritize them. These meetings help us assess the strengths of the students, gain an understanding of how the team works together, and isolate weak points to strengthen so that we are ready for the trip.

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