Elders and Leadership

Are You Ready to Lead?

The biblical qualifications for church leaders are all characteristics of godliness and giftedness that are proven over time; an individual's character becomes plainly evident through long-term patterns of behavior. Terms for all of the positions listed below would begin once approved by the congregation. If you have questions about the leadership selection process, email 

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The Elder Board

Elder Board, recent and current
Standing L to R: Kevin Haskins, Kip Mentzer, Seth Greenlaw, Warren Humphrey (term completed), Geoff Swanson, Mark Wilson, Rob O'Neal, Dave Wittmer, Daniel Jobe.
Sitting L to R: Mitch Boggan, Bob McPeak, Steve Tate (term completed).

Committees and Members


Role: Provides oversight of the entire congregation.

Chair: Dave Wittmer.

Chairman Description


Role: Provides oversight of the entire congregation. The Elder Board consists of 10 members, including the top two staff pastoral positions.

Elders: Dave Wittmer (chair), Mitch Boggan, Seth Greenlaw, Daniel Jobe, Bob McPeak, Kip Mentzer, Geoff Swanson, Mark Wilson, Rob O'Neal (Senior Pastor), Kevin Haskins (Executive Pastor).

Elder Description


Role: Provides oversight of the Care ministries of the church.

Deacons: Marcia Russo (chair), Loretta Boggan, Sarah Ferraresso, Dave Hales, Ceil Hansen, Ed Lebo, Todd Fitzsimons, Mike Boscarino, Christine Christgau, Carrie Sirois, Peter Sirois, Mike Margolis, Anna Robbins, Julie Tower, Anthony Urbano, BG Zietz, Melanie Marchetti, Robin Kuhrt, Lucia Haskins, Mike Russo.

Deacon Description


Role: Oversees the financial and accounting controls of the church, in partnership with the staff member responsible for the financial and accounting functions of the church.

Members: Rob Ecker (chair), Rob Caiaze, Tom Culbertson, Dave Farrell, Jeff James.

Finance Description


Role: Helps lead the church in fulfilling the World Outreach goals: That everyone at Valley embraces the Great Commission by praying faithfully, giving generously, and going courageously.

Members: Wes Gardner (chair), Ginny Conn, Laurie Dunford, Zachary Lobman, Doug Logan, Mark Buchanan, Donna Geuser, Arshi Paul, Tom Turbiak, Donna Wittmer, Dennis Wry, Irene Hendrickson, Cheryl Karam.

Outreach Description


Role: Helps lead Valley in committing to church membership and responding to the biblical commandment to be baptized.

Members: Rob Scott (chair), Cherie Herrman, Lynn Orrell, Sherry Poff, Marilyn Faulkner, Robin Mentzer, Chris Sanford, Bob Brundage, Paul Orrell.

Membership & Baptism Description


Role: Sources qualified members to serve on Valley's constitutional boards and committees.

Members: Sue Podesla (chair), Warren Humphrey, Cameron Sprague, Gene Sun, Lorraine Wry, Donna Farrell, Linda Johnson, 

Nominating Description


Role: Conducts searches to fill the positions of Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor; reviews and recommends candidates for other pastor positions and ministry staff.

Members: Nancy Parent (chair), Brian Herrman, Mary Marlowe, Sam Moy.

Standing Search Description