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Our Online worhsip experience begins Sunday at 10:30 a.m. There are two ways to watch! Click one of the links below to go to the service; we'll provide interactive links for you in the chat areas. 


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September 19/20 Schedule

Saturday at 5 p.m.: Indoor Service, Sanctuary (Contemporary)

Sunday at 9 a.m.: Outdoor Service, Parking Lot (Contemporary) with Valley Kids Church indoors

Sunday at 10:30 a.m.: Online Service, Facebook & Church Online (Contemporary)

Sunday at 11 a.m.: Outdoor Service, Parking Lot (Blended)

Sermon Series: "Press On"

This Week's Message: "JOINING GOD'S MISSION"

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September 19/20 Resources for Kids, Students

Valley Kids (Nursery-Kindergarten)

Bible Time

Bible Story Picture Cards

If you prefer to read the lesson to your child, these picture cards will help! 


Family Activity Pages

Visit the Valley Kids page to find Bunny Bible Stories, activity sheets, games, and other resources to help your child grow in Jesus this week. 

Valley Kids (Grades 1-5)

Note from Mrs. Hales

If you watch the worship service as a family, consider printing our special Valley Kids sermon notes page We encourage you to watch the video below with your kids, and then lead them in a discussion and prayer time. 

 Live Zoom Class

Parents, your child is invited to join our live Zoom class each Sunday at 9:30 a.m.! There are separate classes for Grades 1-2 and Grades 3-5. To get the Zoom links, just email Lois at   

Lesson: "Put On the Belt of Truth"

Today we continue an eight-week series on the Armor of God. Be sure to print out the Bible Story Sheet before you begin the lesson.

Scripture: Genesis 2:15-17; Genesis 3

Step 1: True or False Game. Ask:

  • The tallest building in America is in New York City. (True) 
  • True or False: Squirrels are the most common animals found in cities. (False) That’s not true, because mice and rats are the most common animals in cities.
  • True or False: A hot dog from a street vendor in New York City costs $7.50. (False) Buying a hot dog on a New York street corner will only cost you around $2.50.
  • True or False: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was the first city to have a baseball stadium. (True)
  • True or False: Nobody would ever try to trick me. (False) We all know that’s false. There are tricky people in our world, and today we’re going to see how we can spot their tricks and lies

Step 2: Read the Bible story.

Prepare before the story by giving your children a piece of green paper and a piece of brown paper. Tell them to use the brown paper to put on Eve’s hair when the story refers to her, and under their chins when talking about Adam. Have them roll the green paper as that will represent the snake. Read the Bible Story Sheet aloud and encourage your children to act out their parts throughout. When finished, ask:

  • When the snake tried to trick Eve with lies, did she believe him? (Yes)
  • What lies did the snake tell Eve? (God didn’t really say that...) Do you ever believe those same lies?
  • What piece of God’s armor can we put on to help us detect lies and know the truth? (The belt of truth.  Knowing what God says is true in the Bible will help us detect lies. We have the power to do that when we wear the belt of truth!)  

Step 3: View the Bible Story Video. Ask:

  • What did you learn from this video that you didn’t know before? 
  • Do you think you can name all the pieces of armor? 
  • How do you think we put the on a belt of truth? 

(Pray and ask God to open your heart to truth, read the Bible daily, be willing to listen to your heart where God can help you know what is true.) 

Step 4: Watch the Citizens Video. Ask:

  • How do you think Alison felt when people were saying mean things about her?  
  • Have you ever had a time when people said things about you that weren’t true?  If so, how can you ignore those comments and remember the truth about yourself? (Remember what God says about you by reading the Bible and believing it.) 

Step 5: Use the Question Sheet to read the different scenarios in which kids heard lies and had to discern the truth. Have discussion about several of these situations.

Step 6: Sing the "Armor" memory verse song:

Put on (cross arms on chest)
All of God’s armor. (move hands from head to toes)
Then you can remain strong (make muscles with arms)
Against the devil’s evil plans.” (put fists on hips)  
Ephesians 6:11 (make book with hands)

Step 7: Print out the Bible Coloring Page, which has the memory verse on it.

Step 8: Song video -- "Raise a Hallelujah"

Step 9: Close in prayer

Bible Bucks Program

To earn Bible Bucks for prizes, send in your child’s completed worksheet, a short video clip of your family discussing the lesson, or your child saying the memory verse. Your child can still earn Bible Bucks for previous week’s lesson sheets or memory verses. Email them to  

Visit the Valley Kids page to find more videos, activity sheets, games, apps, and other things to help you grow in Jesus during the week. 

Valley Students (Grades 6-12)

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